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More than Italian authors asked Venice's authorities to remove their books from libraries as a gesture of solidarity. Reao also happened with Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which almost had a gay moment removed for release in certain markets. The film was accused of employing "straight washing" and "queer-erasure" for international marketability, as Rami Malek's Freddie Mercury portrayal was not out-and-proud about his sexuality.

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LGBT censorship is happening all over the world. In an interview with Italian news magazine Panorama, the deers called children born of IVF "synthetic" and said they opposed adoption by same-sex parents.

In an Instagram postJohn, who has two children with his husband, called Venice's mayor "boorishly bigoted". Even Eurovision was dragged into the discussion last year, when a Chinese broadcaster lookung LGBT elements of the competition. Elton John has long been a gay icon and he is easily one of the world's most well-known activists.

Lady looking real sex Elton

Rocketman tells the story of the popular musician's rise to fame. The same discussions were had around Bohemian Rhapsody, which was released last year. Mr Brugnaro, who says he belongs to neither the left nor right, also said he had "no problems with homosexuals" and was "a free man" who was not Nice office fuck of insults.

While many of the books were returned to school libraries, some were not, including Francesca Pardi's Piccolo Uovo Little Eggabout an egg that discovers new types of families. Luigi Brugnaro removed 49 books from school libraries after being elected in June, though some have been reinstated.

Mr Brugnaro has now defended his decision and called the British singer "arrogant" in a series of tweets. Related Topics. Russian jails drop yoga ban In a statement shared on his Twitter late on Friday, he described the censorship of Rocketman as a "sad reflection of the divided world we still live in and how it can still be so cruelly unaccepting of the love between two people.

Ultimately, this is a film about his life, and people know who he is and what he stands for.

It includes a male sex scene and a photograph in the closing credits of Sir Elton, 72, and his real-life husband. His election lookinb to withdraw the books featuring same-sex couples and gender issues attracted controversy. Even with some of the most revealing gay scenes being removed from the movie, for many people, his story being told globally in biopic form will still be seen as groundbreaking.

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