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All day sexathon

I was 18 yrs old then and studying my diploma in mechanical engineering. I was wondering why there is no milk remember I am virgin and uneducated in such matters. I knew that one. I forcefully removed her nightie and threw away.

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My dick is erected. By happy coincidence, my very close childhood friend Abby was also trying to conceive at the same time.

She said ok and do it fast. I am regular reader of ISS and decided to start to share my real life experiences.

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So there I was. I asked her can I have a towel so that I will take bath and go. She cursed my friends and asked why did I drink. We never got the chance to fuck again and we broke up after college.

All day sexathon

She changed to nightie and not speaking to me a single word. I inserted my dick slowly in her black haired shining pussy.

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Then after 10 min of sucking her nipples, I tried to insert my dick into her pussy. Little did we know that I had a bun cooking in the oven.

She massaged by body and dick. I will post that story separately if I get a positive response from the readers.

Please comment on my narration. She was afraid and begging me not to do her. We sat in the auto for a 20 min ride.

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So, basically, I spent an entire week with my headlights on high. Trying to sexatyon I went to her pussy and started licking like hell. If there was a product on the market that could help me conceive, chances are I had it.

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She got nice boobs and unshaven pussy. I took two more tests — same faint linebut we both agreed that it looked like something was there. Her name was sarayu name changed. I started stroking my cock slowly.

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The next thing I knew Why were they hard? I was definitely pregnant! No problem. She was resisting and beating me. She said still there is beer smell. She agreed after a quite argument.


We went calmly to her home as neighbours may notice. This point of time, I got an idea and created a story out of it. My doctor then told me to take the test again in the morning, when the presence of the pregnancy hormone would be even stronger. And yet, I still felt defeated.

All day sexathon

So, try to relax! I was pregnant. We went out of class and shocked to see everyone left and watchman is doing rounds. They left and I went sedathon a my class and sat in the place where sarayu used to sit.

All day sexathon

She denied as we dont had a condom.

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